I resumed the search at the end of September when the extremely cold weather had passed and the snow was beginning to melt.

I went on a solo trip to search around the area of Prabhs last known location, Mount Townsend. I had planned on looking down Wilkinsons creek to a certain elevation. However the weather changed quickly the first night of the search and I awoke to a full white out and gale force winds. I made a quick decision to walk back out to Thredbo before the weather worsened and I would be stuck in my tent for an extended period of time. The 8km walk back to Thredbo proved to be extremely difficult with visibility limited to around 5 meters and a wind that was gusting upwards of 150kph. It ended up snowing quite a large amount over the next few days. I had made the right choice to get out of the mountains while I still could.

Of all the time I spent searching for Prabh this last trip gave me the best idea of the weather conditions he would have faced, and how hard it would have been for him to walk any great distance at all. I also came to the conclusion that he would not have walked off the western side of Mt Townsend into an oncoming storm. The logical decision for Prabh to have made would be to walk with the storm back the way he had come towards Mt Kosciuszko.

The snow would stay around way into Spring pushing further searches back till midway through November. Raj Srawn, Prabh’s cousin returned too Australia to coordinate the search from Jindabyne. I returned to Jindabyne to join a search party consisting of Greg Dozza and Luke Melbourne. We spent four days searching the Alpine area, we walked a considerable distance each day. We covered the majority of the ground shown in the map below marked as 1st within the black line. Below are two photos taken during this search. The first photo is of Greg Dozza and I early one morning with quite a thick fog reducing visibility to 30 meter.


This photo is of Greg and I crossing a section of snow in the vicinity of Blue lake.


I returned a week later to join a search party consisting of Greg Dozza, Wes Batty and Tom Batty. During this search we focused on the area marked as 2nd within the blue line on the map shown below. This area was a mix between high alpine plains and steep gullys with thick scrub. We line searched with a distance of around 50 meters between us in an attempt to cover more ground.

On the alpine plain there are a large number of rock formations with many easily accessible caves that would have provided shelter for Prabh during the storm. Much of the time during the search was spent looking in the multitude of rock caves that had previously been under snow.

This link leads to video taken by Tom Batty during the second search

After spending quite a large amount of time looking for Prabh my thoughts are that he is somewhere in the vicinity of Abbotts peak. I believe he didn’t make it very far from Mt Townsend during the storm and that he took shelter somewhere close by and is still there to this day. I have not given up hope that Prabh’s body will be recovered one day, I plan on continuing the search till the job is done.