A close friend Samuel Perotti and I recently hiked up the ACT’s second highest mountain, Mount Gingera which stands at 1855m above sea level.

This is a report of the track conditions and the overall scenic value of the route we took.

The route we followed began at Corin dam, and followed the Stockyard spur track up to the Mount Franklin road. The first few kilometres of the track were pretty steep: an elevation gain of about 550m in 2km. This was the hardest section of the entire hike, however anybody with a reasonable level of fitness should be able to manage it. The route follows a twisting track up a spur. There are numerous sections of steps which would be quite dangerous to descend in wet conditions. The track is very clearly marked and easy to follow.

Pryor’s hut along the Mount Franklin road was an interesting place to stop and look at. It is quite a large hut with a nice fireplace. Pryor’s hut was built to house the men working on the alpine botanic gardens. There is a section of pine trees just below the hut which are a remnant from the botanic garden days.

The summit of Mount Gingera had excellent views of the surrounding countryside. Canberra is visible in the distance on a clear day. The views of the alpine high plains to the south are also quite breathtaking.

Enough water for the day should be carried. There is a small creek near the path up to the summit of Mt Gingera, however if you are not carrying water purification tablets do not drink the water it is not worth the risk of contracting a bug.

If hiking in winter be prepared for snow and high winds.

Overall the track was in excellent condition however there were  a few trees down on and around the path.

This walk can be accomplished in one day. It is a little less than 20km all up. Being only a 40 minute drive from Canberra, it is easily accessible.

I would highly recommend this walk to anyone who enjoys bush walking and has a reasonable level of fitness.

View of Canberra from Mt Gingera


View of the alpine high plains from Mt Gingera


View from Mt Gingera



Sunset on Mt Gingera

Sunset on Gingera

Late afternoon on Mt Gingera