Mount Triglav, the jewel in the crown of the Julian Alps range which runs through Slovenia. Triglav has been on my “to climb list” ever since I was given a calendar of Slovenia. I finally got the chance to climb it in August 2014 whilst on a 3 month trip backpacking through Europe. It is not that high at 2,864 metres however, it is truly an amazing peak-it towers above all the surrounding mountains.

I arrived late in the afternoon on the 29/08/2014 at the eastern most point of lake Bohinj, which is a common start off point for people looking to climb Triglav. My plan was to climb Triglav in one day, the recommended time is two-three days depending on your level of fitness.

I awoke at 2AM on Saturday the 30/08/2014, I went through my gear one last time to check that I had everything I needed then set out at 3AM along the shores of lake Bohinj heading west towards a small town called Ukanc.

The first section of the hike was relatively boring walking along a road in the dark. By the time the sun had started to rise I had started the ascent of the first climb. The elevation at the bottom of the climb was 667m, the elevation at the top of the first accent was 1340m a gain of 673m in less than 1500 metres of walking. It felt like walking up a never ending staircase. I was glad to reach the the top of this part of the mountain.  Summit of first ridge

View from the first ridge

The next section of the hike was through the valley of seven lakes. This was hands down the most spectacular valley i have ever hiked in. The scenery was breathtaking. No words can truly do this place justice.



The climb out of the valley was difficult going, walking up the side of a mountain on loose rocks, I was continually losing my footing and sliding back down the slope.

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By the time I reached the base of Triglav I was tired, I spent 20 minutes lying down eating my last chocolate block summoning up the energy to make the last push for the summit.

The actual climb up to the peak of Triglav was also the scariest section of the hike. There are metal spikes hammered into the mountain and steel ropes to help people through the most difficult sections. However this does not mean it is an easy climb. I also had to be aware of falling rocks from climbers above me on the mountain. Most of the people I saw climbing Triglav were wearing helmets, I highly recommend wearing one it could save your life.  Upon reaching the summit a blanket of cloud rolled in and I did not get to admire the view, this although unfortunate did not sadden me, I was elated at achieving my goal of summiting Triglav.

At the summit


Descending from Triglav was the most frustrating point of the hike. There was a large group of people in front of me who were going extremely slowly, and every minute I wasted getting off the mountain meant extra time walking in the dark.


Thankfully for me the entire way back was down hill. By the time I reached lake Bohinj it was 8PM I had set out 17 hours earlier. I was well and truly stuffed my feet were killing me and I was cramping in my legs but I was happy I had summited Mt Triglav in one day.