The Millet Bouthan GTX is a heavy duty hiking boot capable of handling the roughest country.

I purchased a pair 3 years ago and have not looked back. The first few hikes I did in the Bouthan GTX I found the upper to be quite stiff, however, after wearing the boot in they become quite supple and very comfortable.

I have worn these boots through multiple terrains, and they have performed excellently in snow, on rocks, in mud and through creeks. The Bouthan GTX is an all season boot.

The Bouthan GTX is an extremely durable boot, I have put my pair through some serious challenges and they have come through with little to no damage. The water proof quality of the Bouthan GTX is excellent being 2.6mm water repellent treated leather, with a GORE-TEX® lining.

The one downside to the Bouthan GTX is the weight of the boot weighing in at 1660 grams they are quite heavy.

They retail for around $300 US.

HoskingHikes rating: 8.5/10

Bouthan GTX


A shoe offering maximum comfort and efficiency whether for long treks or day hikes.
Complete waterproof leather lined GORE-TEX® boot. High-cut upper in supple Nubuck. Double
GORE-TEX®SKINTEC. Integral protective rubber covering including toe. Nubuck collar. Vibram®
semi-rigid sole on integral polyurethane shock absorber. German-fitting men’s shoe with
plenty of toe room.

Nubuck 2.6 mm water-repellent Husky leather treated to the core. GORE-TEX®SKINTEC lining.
Vibram® sole

Weight: Around 1660 grams