screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-8-44-42-pmI purchased an INOC premium ski jacket from Aldi a few years ago during there annual winter sale on snow gear. Since that time I have worn the jacket on multiple hiking trips in a range of conditions.

The feature I like most about the jacket is that it comes in two parts. The inner part of the jacket which is quite warm can be removed from the outer rain proof shell. This especially comes in handy in when it is pouring with rain yet the temperature is still quite warm. Removing the inner part of the jacket and wearing just the shell keeps you dry and ensures you don’t over heat.

Overall the durability of the jacket is pretty good, I have not had a problem with any of the zips breaking or tearing holes through the shell when hiking in thick shrub.

The jacket performs well in snowy and wet conditions the zips are heat sealed which ensures their waterproofing ability and the outer shells waterproof membrane is rated at 20,000mm. A jacket with a waterproof rating of over 20,000mm is theoretically capable of standing up to pretty much the worst conditions — I tested this in my backyard by being sprayed with a high pressure hose for an extended period of time, the jacket kept me dry as a bone.

However, the other important feature on the Aldi INOC premium ski jacket is its breathability rating. Breathability is the capability of a jacket to let moisture such as sweat escape from within the jacket. The jacket also excels at this class with a rating of 20,000 gr/m2/24hrs.

To put this all into perspective, a jacket with similar ratings for waterproofing or breathability from a major brand would cost anywhere between $400-700. The Aldi INOC premium ski jacket cost only $100.

The design is not quite as good as the major brands but the INOC jacket more than makes up for this with its cost.

If you’re looking for a waterproof jacket for just about anything and are unwilling to spend more than a few hundred dollars it is hard to go past the INOC jacket. I would highly recommend this product.