Inward Bound is a navigation based adventure race, I went into the finer details last year so if you’re interested in what the race is, check out my Griffin Hall Division 3 Inward Bound 2015 blog post.

This year my teammates were Dev Tiwari, Jonathan Perotti  AKA “Mr Worldwide” and Kris Erb who I ran with in 2015.

14691043_10211197974009852_2210435220769535007_nFrom left: Kris Erb, Dev Tiwari, Jonathan Perotti (Mr Worldwide) and Myself

This time around the bus ride was surprisingly short it lasted maybe 2-3 hours.

Once off the bus, the boys kicked into gear Kris and Mr Worldwide racing off to find details of our current location. Dev and I leisurely got the maps out and managed to correctly plot the endpoint coordinates on the map (something we struggle with). Once we had the endpoint plotted and the doughnuts of destiny drawn we began to deduce our present location. The endpoint was at a place called Dalmeny on the beach at the South Coast.

When we got off the bus I’d noticed straight away we were in a state forest (I study forestry). It wasn’t long before we had worked that we were in Badja state forest. Another few minutes passed and we had basically worked out our exact location, we just had to wait for Kris and Mr Worldwide to stop scouting. It wasn’t long before Mr Worldwide came steaming in sweating like an old man in a sauna (and smelling lie one too). He puffed out the words of some road and confirmed our thoughts on where we were. Kris came in not long after and we left the drop site first (leaving the drop site first should in fact constitute winning, anyone can run, but not everyone can read a map….)

The route was pretty much downhill the whole way to the coast. We set off at a good pace and just cruised along. Then BnG flew past us and Johns and Ursies and Unilodge. We told ourselves we would get them in the backend of the race, we were wrong…

We were still making good speed up until we had run about 25km when someone stopped to take a dump. That was the beginning of the end. I looked over and noticed Mr Worldwide looking pretty wrecked, this was bad… we had 60 odd km’s left to run.

This is when the dark times began, my foot started hurting, nothing too bad just a bit of a sharp pain in my heel. I popped a pill and it was alright I could still run I just had to land on my differently to avoid the sore spot. However, we weren’t doing much running… Mr Worldwide was wrecked. In the next hour or so it came to light that Mr Worldwide had stayed up the entire previous night studying for an exam… The lack of sleep was hitting him hard.

It was around this time that we started climbing the one big mountain on our route, Mount Infinity. It wasn’t actually called Mt Infinity, I’ve forgotten its real name but it should be changed to Infinity because that climb never ended. I reckon we spent 3 hours walking 6 km’s.

It was only once we started dropping down off the mountain again that we hit some real trouble. The sun came out and it was hot, like real hot. Kris started to get a sore knee, Mr Worldwide could barely talk or open his eyes anymore and my foot was getting progressively worse.

The lowest point of the race was when Burgman passed us, we ran out of water and my drugs wore off. One minute I was walking along kinda alright my foot still okay and the next I couldn’t take a step or put any pressure on it without experiencing excruciating pain. Dev found me a big stick and I managed to keep walking by leaning on the stick and not putting much pressure on my foot.

This continued till we had just about reached the water station when a Johns team caught us. Kris perked right up at the sight of a female, his tiredness forgotten he charged to the front and proceeded to chat with her until we reached the water station.

After the water station I handed the boys all a magic German pill, this helped immensely. We started walking faster and even jogged a little bit( we hadn’t jogged for about 3 hours by this point). Griffin Div 1 passed us not far from endpoint and had a little laugh at the sorry state we were in.

We kept plugging away and before we knew it we were nearing the beach, Dev naved us excellently through this difficult section and as we came out onto the sand we saw the Div 2 Burgman team about 50 meters in front of us up the beach. The site of competition roused us and we started charging after them, we easily caught them and overtook them (they were more injured than us).

We finished the race in 5th place. Probably the best thing about finishing was about 15 minutes later Griffin Div 1 came sprinting into the finish line. Somehow they had managed to get lost trying to find the beach…

14682040_10211197973529840_8738257643461106272_oOur team at endpoint

All in all Inward Bound 2016 was a hell of a race, I ran with great teammates and had a lot of laughs along the way, 10/10 would do again.