Bringing Adventure To You


I’m a 21 year old Australian male who has a passion for hiking and traveling and all things outdoors. I hope to encourage more people to live a healthy lifestyle by being active and exploring the world for themselves.

I have grown up in Canberra Australia, this has definitely influenced my preference to climbing mountains. Most of Australia has a distinct lack of mountains, however the area around Canberra is mountainous. It is a two hour drive to the snowy mountains which hold Australia’s largest mountains. Canberra itself is surrounded on one side by Namadgi National park and the Brindabella mountain range, they hold excellent hiking opportunities.

Hiking can be one of the most enjoyable pastimes anyone can undertake. The feeling that you get when you climb a mountain is hard to describe, only those who have done so before will understand. Hiking lets you experience this amazing world and see things that a photo can hardly do justice.

I will personally review hikes from around the globe. Posting up to date information on the difficulty of the hike, the equipment needed, and the scenic rating, as well as some track notes with other information.

I will also be doing gear reviews, as well as travel issues closely relating to the hikes I undertake.

I hope you enjoy reading my future posts!



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